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Cyclo-Cross is an exciting form of bicycle racing held during fall/winter months. Sometimes know as the "steeplechase" of bicycle racing, cyclo-cross combines elements of road racing, criterium racing and mountain bike racing into a sport raced on avariety of surfaces. Cyclo-Cross is a timed event held over a course 2.5km-3.5km in length with multiple laps raced by the riders. Courses take racers over a combination of terrain such as asphalt road, grass, dirt paths, mud, gravel and sand. Cyclo-cross rcaing is about transitions from one type of surface to another, from one section to another, from one speed to another. Races are held in all sorts of weather conditions and are rarely cancelled. Cyclo-cross bikes look like road bikes but have cantilever style brakes and knobby tires. During some parts of the course there are areas that may require a rider to dismount and carry or run with the bicycle. Modern cyclo-cross courses can have one set of artificial barriers (usually boards 40cm high set 4 meter apart). Steep hills, mud and sand also force ridres to dismount.


The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series started in 1997. The series came about as a result of the Diamond Brand Series, a local 4 race series held in Hendersonville, NC during 1995-1997. The series at the time featured two cyclo-cross races and two mountain bike races and was sponsored by the Diamond Brand Camping Center.


In 1997-1998 the first NC series featured 14 races spaning from the beginning of November 1997 through the end of February 1998. Races were held in Cary, Greensboro, Southern Pines, Boone, Asheville, Bryson City, Hendersonville, and Andrews. The Liberty Bicycles/NC Cyclo-Cross State Championships were held on February 22, 1998. These were probably the first USCF State Championships held in NC. The winners were Men's A - Chris Brown (Asheville/Cane Creek), Men's B - Breck Cartwright (Asheville/ABRC), Master's 35+ - Joe Cline (Chisholm/Chapel Hill), Women - Willow Koerber (Hosre Shoe/Cane Creek), Men's C - Chris Ernst (Cherokee/GT Trail Head)

1997-1998 Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Jeremy Waldrop   Joe Cline   Dirk Brown
Women   Joy Dempsey   Kelly Hopkin   Rae Gaa
Men's B   Breck Cartwright   Shaw Brown   Pat Lundergran
Master's 35+   Martin Visser   Bill Pressley   Steve Baker
Men's C   John Slivka   Eugene Schuler   Dan Skidmore


In 1998-1999 and for the next three seasons SUBARU was the title sponsor of the series. During the four years SUBARU was involved the series grew from 13 races in 1998-99 to 18 races in 2001-2002. Races continued to be held across the state in venues from the coast to the mountains.

1998-1999 Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Jody Dumond   John Lieswyn   James Novak
Women   Julie Taylor   Jennifer Armstrong   Kirsten Anderson
Men's B   Jason Morgan   Nathan Wyatt   Mark Rogerson
Master's 35+   Martin Visser   Dean Lyons   Bill Pressley
Master's 45+   Ed Greene   Steve Miller   Steven Baker
Men's C   Joshua Klaaren   Eric Moye   Lance Parbst


1999-2000 Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Michael Moule   Michael Ventola   Basil Moutsopoulos
Women   Jennifer Maxwell   Monica Gibson   Hope Ann Snyder
Men's B   Jamie Hyatt   Paul Jamison   Pat Lundergan
Master's 35+   Martin Visser   Perry Lee   Tim Davis
Master's 45+   Albert Mills   Ed Greene   Larry Norris
Men's C   Greg Becker   Chad Gibson   Michael Purser
Juniors   Chris Staples   Thomas Kelly   ---


2000-2001 Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Michael Moule   Charles Storm   Jason Morgan
Women   Lauren Trull   Jennifer Maxwell   Hope Ann Snyder
Men's B   Kevin Sanders   Barrett Black   Joshua Klaaren
Master's 35+   Randy Shields   Steve Hall   Perry Lee
Master's 45+   Albert Mills   Kerry Shields   Ed Greene
Men's C   Chris Martin   John Degele   Bryan Thomas
Women's B   Cammie Crampton   Suzanne Hosman   Monica Koerschner
Juniors   Jared Reed   Stephen Ernst   ---


2001-2002 Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Andy Applegate   Peter Hymas   Michael Moule
Women   Jennifer Maxwell   Lauren Trull   Adrienne Brown
Men's B   Thomas Rajala   Daniel Doub   Colin Barry
Master's 35+   Michael Ventola   Michael Stigers   Michael Satterfield
Master's 45+   Albert Mills   Steve Baker   Gary Trull
Men's C   Frank Failla   Daniel Ingram   Taylor Jones
Women's B   Anne Bolyea   Luz Ma Yurik   Cara McCauley
Juniors   Patrick Sessoms   Daniel Dinkins   Adam DeWitt

In 2002-2003 Wood Automotive of Transylvania County stepped in as the series sponsor. After the mammoth 18 race season in 2001-2002 a decision was made to create two series. The North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series was held during October, November and December of 2001 and ended the weekend before Cyclo-Cross Nationals. Then during January of 2002 the Winter Cup was held. This second series featured 5 races over three weekends. During the first year of the Winter Cup four members of the US National Cyclo-Cross team came to train. Adam Craig, Josh Anthony, Jesse Anthony and Ryan Trebon all participated in the Winter Cup before heading to Monopoli, Italy.

2002 NC Series Results    1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Charlie Storm   Andy Applegate   Ryan Trebon
Women   Cara McCauley   Lauren Trull   Adrienne Brown
Men's B   Taylor Jones   Shaw Brown   Bo Glenn
Master's 35+   Marcus Jones   Rob Moran   John Baxter
Master's 45+   Randy Sheilds   Arthur Reaves   Albert Mills
Men's C   Chris Wade   Jay Walsh   David Matyjasik
Women's B   Patricia Durrell   Janet Trubey   Shannon Goff
Juniors   Sam Folgout   Daniel Dinkins   ---


2003 Winter Cup Results    1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Adam Craig   Ryan Trebon   Jesse Anthony
Women's A   Maureen Chambers   Alisha Little   ---
Men's B   Matt Skeen   Tyler Crabtree   Erik Stalte
Master's 35+   Lonnie Brooks   Michael Scholtz   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45+   Dale Bryant   Kenneth Johnson   Jeep Barrett
Men's C   Howard Parsons   Ross Douglas   George Santucci
Women's B   Robin Stalte   ---   ---

In 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 the North Carolina Cyclo-Cross Series and Winter Cup continued without a title sponsor. Financial Assistance from the Asheville Bicycle Racing Club, Sandhills Cycling Club and attorney Tom Ramer ensured that the same high standards set in previous years were continued. During the 2004-2005 season a record 1290 participants raced in the cyclo-cross events.

2003 NC Series Results    1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Charlie Storm   Daniel Doub   Charles Pendry
Women   Candice Blickem   Daniel Staskal   Mandy Lozano
Men's B   Kenneth Borgeson   David Goodwin   Ryan McCall
Master's 35+   Derek Powers   Jimmy Bruner   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45+   Arthur Reaves   Kerry Shields   Andrew Ammon
Men's C   Dave Standridge   Chris Ramm   Abram Woodward
Women's B   Sarah Worthington   Sarah Alholm   Cathy Beck
Juniors   Kenny Blackburn   ---   ---


2004 Winter Cup Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Michael Scholtz   Jon Hamblen   Colin Barry
Women   Diedre Winfield   Lauren Trull   Sarah Alholm
Men's B   James Badia   Lloyd Jones   Douglas Pearson
Master's 35+   Michael Ventola   Marcus Jones   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45+   David Hall   Dale Bryant   Jeep Barrett
Men's C   John Mckenna   Chris Young   Dwight Wyatt
Women's B   Cathy Beck   Janet Trubey   ---
Juniors   Jared Cakebread   ---   ---


2005 Winter Cup Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Jon Hamblen   Jason Morgan   Michael Scholtz
Women   Lauren Trull   Amber Krieger   Alicia Genest
Men's B   Nathan Wyatt   Brian Smith   Randy Murray
Master's 35+   Michael Ventola   Tim Hopkin   Lonnie Brooks
Master's 45+   Todd Thornton   Dwight Wyatt   Dale Bryant
Men's C   Mark Scholtz   Alex Hawkins   Jan Kriska
Women's B   Angelina Stevens   Katie Smith   Amanda Mabry
Junior   Matus Kriska   Cody Hawkins   Chase Pilcher


2005 NC Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Jon Hamblen   Brent Bookwalter (U23)   Mark Hekman
Women's A   Mandy Lozano   Lauren Trull   Cara McCauley
Men's B   Andy Mitcheltree   Tyler Crabtree   Brian Smith
Master's 35 +   Edward Dickerson (40+)   Micheal Ventola (40+)   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45 +   Randy Shields   John Baxter   Ken Johnson (50+)
Men's C   Jay Walsh   Jonathon Kemp   Geoff Pendry
Women's B   Katie Smith   Amanda Mabry   Patricia Deerwester


2006 Winter Cup Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Men's A   Jon Hamblen   John Degele   Jason Morgan
Women's A   Alicia Hamblen   Janet Trubey   Angelina Stevens
Men's B   Mark Scholtz   Dale Zuckert   Jan Kriska
Master's 35+   Edward Dickerson   Randy Shields   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45+   Dwight Wyatt   Lonnie Brooks   Todd Thornton
Men's C   Nicolai Tvermoes   Patrick Sessoms   Dustin Shinhotser
Women's B   Susan Helm   Hadley Trotter   Cid Guy
Juniors   Chase Pilcher   Ian Nabors   Jack Thornton


2006 NC Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2 (Men A's)   Jon Hamblen   Andy Applegate   Travis Livermon
Women's Pro/CX 1,2,3 (Women's A)   Cara McCauley   Angelina Stevens   Lauren Trull
CX 3 (Men's B)   Michael Rigby   Madison Siegrist   Jonah Gollub
Master's 35+   Edward Dickenson   Jeff Welch   Tim Hopkin
Master's 45+   Randy Shields   John Baxter   Dwight Wyatt
Master's 55+   Kerry Shields   Lo Livermon   Howard Hesterberg
CX 4 (Men's C)   Craig Henly   Dylan Hewitt   Pat Rimron
Women's CX 4 (Women's B)   Deb  Whitmore   Shelli Welch   Lynn Pitson
Juniors   Chase Pilcher   Emily Shields   Ian Nabors


2007 Winter Cup Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2   Jon Hamblen   Jacob Fetty   Jason Morgan
Women's Pro CX 1, 2, 3   Alicia Hamblen   Deb Whitmore   Annie Lux
CX 3   Scott Frederick   Geoff Pendry   Noah Niwinski
Masters 35+   Jason Morgan   Michael Sholtz   Tim Hopkin
Masters 45+   Randy Shields   Dwight Wyatt   Todd Thornton
Masters 55+   Kerry Shields   Howard Hesterberg   --
CX 4   Keith Gerarden   Sean Wehr   Matus Kriska
Women CX 4   Heidi Scronce   Lynn Pitson   Megan Carmody
Juniors 15-18   Bryce Pilcher   Courtney Issacs   --
Juniors 10-14   Chase Dickens   Jack Thornton   --
2007 NC Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/CX 1,2   Charlie Pendry   Andy Applegate   Charlie Storm
Women's Pro/CX 1, 2, 3   Cara McCauley   Angelina Stevens   Hadley Trotter
CX 3   Scott Frederick   Keith Gerarden   John Cox
Masters 35+   Jared Roy   Jason Morgan   Jeff Welch
Masters 45+   Randy Shields   John Baxter   Daryl Rains
Masters 55+   Kerry Shields   Howard Hesterberg   David Fuller
CX 4   Chris Behrmann   Jesse Pipes   David House
Women CX 4   Evie Broswell - Vitt   Christy Blakley   Julia Tellman
Juniors 15-18   Dominic Martinez   Jacob Arnold   Chris Holmes
Juniors 10-14   Daniel Brew   Simon Marland   Ethan Dellamaestra
2008 Winter Cup Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/CX 1, 2   Jon Hamblen   Scott Frederick   John Degele
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3   Julia Tellman   Lynn PItson   Kathleen Gleason
CX 3   William Peterson   Austin Simmons   Timothy CIarkowski
Masters 35+   Jason Morgan   Jared Roy   Tim Hopkin
Masters 45+   Randy Shields   Daryl Rains   Robert Pugh
Masters 55+   Kerry Shields   Chuck Gillis   Howard Hesterberg
CX 4   Fred Mitchell   Carter Dillion   Chris Rouisse
Women CX 4   Emily Shields   Allison Manning   Katherine Shields
Juniors 15-18   Dominic Martinez   Chris Holmes   Austin Wood
Juniors 10-14   Daniel Brew   Chris Holmes   Austin Wood
2008 NC Series Results   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/ CX 1, 2   Will Black   Travis Livermon   Andy Applegate
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3   Cara Applegate   Melanie Black   Elizabeth Frye
CX 3   Andrew Shetier   Scott McAllister   Chris Rouisse
Masters 35+   Eric Marland   Jason Morgan   Michael Scholtz
Masters 45+   Randy Shields   Jeffrey Welch   Daryl Rains
Masters 55+   Kerry Shields   Chuck Gillis   Alison Manning
CX 4   Jack Brown   Robb Peterson   David Tallon
Women CX 4   Robin Baxter   Rip Nicholson   Julie Paisant
Juniors 15-18   Jeremiah Dyer   Justin Evans   Chris Holmes
Juniors 10-14   Daniel Brew   Mulloy Manning   Bryon Rice
2009 Winter Cup Series   1st Place   2nd Place   3rd Place
Pro/ CX 1, 2   Jon Hamblen   Robert Marion   Jay Cox
Womens Pro/CX 1, 2, 3   Deb Whitmore   Katherine Shields   Anina Aaron
CX 3   Shawn Kane   Tommy Rodgers   Derrick O'Shields
Masters 35+   Jason Morgan   Charles Von Isenburg   Todd Davis
Masters 45+   ChipDuckett   Randy Shields   Daryl Rains
Masters 55+   Chuck Gillis   Kerry Shields   David Fuller
CX 4   Brent Lester   Jay Smith   Mark Overby
Women CX 4   Rip Nicholson   Julie Paisant   Dina Pessimenti
Juniors 15-18   Justin Evans   Laura Wright   ---
Juniors 10-14   Bryon Rice   Mulloy Manning   Jack Thorton

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