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Racing Cyclo-Cross - GETTING STARTED

It is actually quite simple to get started racing cyclo-cross in North Carolina. Over the past 17 years, the sport has developed and evolved into an exciting and highly anticipated part of the NC bicycle racing calendar. Check the  NCCX race schedule and find a race that you would like to enter. You will need a bicycle (cyclo-cross bike, mountain bike or even a road bike with knobby tires) a helmet, and a license (USA Cycling - USCF or NORBA - you can purchase a one-day license if you are a CX4 or CX5 racer).

To register click on the registration link and follow the directions. You will need to create an account. Registering ahead of time saves you time and money. You will also need to pay for your race number which is used at each race (save it).

A USA Cycling one-day license can be purchased at the event.  USA Cycling has helpful information. GETTING STARTED  Category Upgrades


NCCX Race Categories -

Elite Men (Pro/CX1,2,3) = these are the fastest racers, they have experience racing CX and/or mountain bike and road

Elite Women (Pro/CX1,2,3) = these are the fastest women and are experienced racers (Masters Women CX3)

Masters 40+ (CX1,2,3) = these are the second fastest group of racers at each event, they are skilled, generally have years of racing experience, and are still fast. 

Men CX3 = these are the racers that are moving up in the categories, they are experienced but not as fast as the Elite yet.

Masters 50+ (CX1,2,3) = these are the senior statesmen of cyclo-cross wise, experienced and smooth, 50 years of age and older, they may also choose to race Masters 40+ or category based races if they choose.

Masters Men 40+/50+ (CX4,5) = these are the novice racers that choose not to compete with the younger CX4 racers, they may compete in the CX4 race too if they choose.

Men CX4,5 = these are novice racers, they are getting involved in the sport for the first time, gaining skills to move up categories.

Women CX4,5 = these are novice racers, they are getting involved for the first time, gaining skills to move up categories.

Juniors 9-12 / Juniors 13-14 / Juniors 15-18 = the future of bicycle racing, these racers are learning, competing, and developing a passion for bicycles hopefully. (boys and girls ages 9-18) As experience is gained they may race in the category races.


Category Upgrades -

How do I move up to the next category? Request through USA Cycling. Cyclo-Cross Upgrade Information from USA Cycling.


USA Cycling Cyclo-Cross Rules -

These are the rules for cyclo-cross. Rule Book

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